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Nonlinear Least Squares Regression - CurveFitter

CurveFitter is an easy-to-use and comprehensive nonlinear regression analysis program for Windows
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27 July 2007

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CurveFitter is an easy-to-use and comprehensive nonlinear regression analysis program for Windows. It determines the values of parameters for an equation that cause the equation to best fit a set of data values that you provide. CurveFitter uses a true nonlinear regression technique that minimizes the squared residuals for the actual equation. Using the program you can perform multivariate, linear quadratic, polynomial, exponential, periodic and complex nonlinear regression. Thus, you may include nonlinear terms such as variables raised to powers and built-in functions such as ln, exponential, sine, cosine, etc. CurveFitter can handle essentially any equation whose form you can specify algebraically.
In addition to computing the optimal values of the parameters to best fit the equation to the data, CurveFitter also generates plots of the data points and the fitted equation. Moreover, it also plots the distribution of residual values.
This state-of-the-art data fitting includes the following capabilities:
* Any user-defined equations of up to nine parameters and eight variables.
* Unlimited length of datasets.
* A 38-digit precision math emulator for properly fitting high order polynomial and rational coefficients.
* A robust fitting capability for nonlinear fitting that effectively copes with outliers and a wide dynamic Y data range.
CurveFitter is an indispensable curve fitting tool for scientists, researchers, engineers, students, teachers and other professionals.

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